About Me


Christy Kelley is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Pain Relief Specialist. She graduated from the extended bodywork program at Bio Chi Institute of Massage Therapy in Sioux City, IA. She has taken many comprehensive continuing education courses and is always working toward the highest mastery in the pain relief arena of massage therapy. Christy also holds a degree in Radiologic Technology. She is a Radiographer and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist. She has worked in the medical field for several years and has a strong background in Anatomy and Physiology. Her passion is to help people achieve wellness through holistic modalities and she has a great desire to help people live vibrant, healthy lives.    

Christy works as a pain relief specialist and serves to provide a dramatic increase in the wellbeing and quality of life of her clients. Using Musculotendinal Re-education practices along with other massage modalities, she can achieve long lasting positive muscle and postural changes. She uses specialized treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each client. She strives for excellence and works as a goal oriented therapist to achieve optimal wellness for each and every individual.